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Vicenza is the city of the famous architect Andrea Palladio (1508-1580), who lived and worked in this town. This makes Vicenza a highly recommended destination for a day-trip from Venice or elsewhere.
Up to this day, the
historic center of Vicenza owes its beauty to the Palladian architecture that characterizes this town with utmost sophisticated elegance.
Two public buildings designed by Andrea Palladio overlook the central
Piazza dei Signori: the Basilica and the Loggia del Capitanato; while the splendid residences of the local aristocracy are along the streets and the contrà, where the classical Palladian style stands out among the Venetian Gothic townhouses.
Olympic theatre still hosts the original scenography elaborated for the first performance, which took place here in 1585. Nobody can resist the result of its breathtaking magnificence!
Vicenza is the ideal place to discover the
Italian Renaissance, however there is much more to see, with the possibility to enjoy special guided tours, such as that of palazzo Leoni Montanari, where one can compare the richness of the Baroque style with the mystery of the Russian icons.
While the
Museo Diocesano is a very convenient place to understand the long history of Vicenza, the church of Monte Berico combines the values of art and faith.

teatro olimpico vicenza

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The main feature of the town’s region is the presence of the Venetian Villas, many of which were designed by Palladio. Others were built for centuries before and after him and therefore, the choice is really vast!. Vicenza is a strategic place for those who are interested in discovering the so-called “civilization of the Venetian Villas”, thus two of the most important examples are just out of town:

Villa Almerico Capra, known as “la Rotonda“, the most famous Palladian villa

Villa Valmarana ai Nani, with the most important cycle of frescoes of the great artist Tiepolo.

In the area around Vicenza, Bassano and Marostica are pretty towns, where visitors can enjoy picturesque views and taste delicious local food, together with wine and grappa.

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