Euganean Hills

With our naturalistic guides discovering the differnt aspects and beauties of the Hills in Padua Province

The Euganean Hills are a group of hills of volcanic origin that rise to heights of 300 to 500 meters from the Padovan-Venetian plain a few kilometers south of Padua. The Colli Euganei form the first regional park established in the Veneto, (1989) enclosing fifteen towns and eighty-one hills and they have been celebrated from a lot of artists such as Francesco Petrarca, Shelley and Byron.

You can visit the beautiful cities on the hills on foot, appreciating the beauty of the landscape, the plants, the trees, the animals.

In this way you can visit the charming surroundigs of Arqua’ Petrarca, who lived the famous artist Francesco Petrarca and Valsanzibio Garden, which ranges among the most important and unspoiled baroque gardens in the world. It was achieved in 1669 by the Venetian nobleman Zuane Francesco Barbarigo with fountains, fish ponds, the Rabbit’s island and the maze.

The Euganean Hills

About 100 hills of varying heights and shapes are protected by Colli Euganei Regional Park. Mild climate, typical products, local feasts, castles, monastery, cathedrals, museum and more!

ARQUA’ PETRARCA and its enchanting  historical medieval centre, Petrarca’s house,  his tomb and giuggiula fruit!

ESTE,  the major centre of the Veneti people of the 7/6th century BC and town of the House of Este. Sightseeing of the historical centre with its Castle and the gardens, the cathedral with Tiepolo’altarspiece, the Archeological National Museum.

MONSELICE, sightseeing of the medieval historical centre, the castle with one of the most important collections of European medieval weapons and armors, the old cathedral, the Belvedere, the seven churches votive walk and Villa Duodo

MONTAGNANA, the town with a Palio, good and sweet ham! The historical centre is enclosed by medieval walls with the Rocca degli Alberi and Ezzelino’s tower. Visit to the cathdreal with Veronese’ altarpiece.

PRAGLIA: visit of the benedictine monastery where 32 monks live following the ancient rule “ora et labora” of Benedict of Nursia.


Petrarca’s house museum: €3 , €1,50 reduced for groups of minimum 10 persons

Monselice castle: €5. €4,50 reduced for groups

Este Museum: €2, €1 reduced for groups

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